About EMITA Solutions

Emita manufacture cost-effective products that provide data more accessible for governmental, commercial, industrial, residential, and multifamily housing owners. Through the use of our devices, there is an efficient way to acquire data that can be used to identify areas that reduced energy and water consumption can be realized. This creates a win-win scenario that saves money for Governments, building owners, and tenants.

Emita products are encrypted, durable, and extremely accurate. In these times of increased fiscal austerity and financial challenges presented by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Emita products fill the void for cost-effective IoT metering date of energy usage analysis.

The Standard in Electrical Meters
Emita Solutions integrates technology along with a depth of knowledge in power measurement to deliver innovative and cost-effective full-featured metering devices.

Emita Solutions’ utilization of readily available measuring technology along with WiFi or LoRa state of the art secure communication to provide data required to make solid decisive and progressive decisions in the quest of operational efficiencies.